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BZTech provides repair service on Commercial washers, dryers and ironers
BZTech provides repair service on Commercial washers extractors
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World class Commercial Washer, Dryer and Ironer Repair service.

Our factory-trained technicians are ready to help you identify and correct problems with your Commercial Washer, Dryer and Ironer service. You can rely on the professional services of BZTech. Our Technical Support Team has years of washer, dryer, and ironer technical experience and has been supporting customers for the past 9 years. We provide timely, reliable service and repair solutions to get your laundries back up and operating at peak performance. We can service and repair every part of your On-Premises Laundry from routine maintenance and service to large or complicated problems. Our goal is to help you will see a rapid return on your investment of your Wascomat OPL Equipment and Electrolux Professional OPL Equipment by keeping your in-house laundry operating at peak performance.

Service, Sales and Parts for your Commercial Washer, Dryer and Ironer

BZTech maintains a comprehensive inventory of repair parts for all major Commercial Washer, Dryer and Ironers in stock. We stock parts for Milnor, Unimac, Continental Girbau, American Dryer, Chicago, Sharper Finish, B&C, Ipso, Cissell, Speed Queen, Huebsch and Wascomat and more on our trucks. Our factory-trained technicians will not change part until they know for sure that any part is malfunctioning. You don’t need a company who will send an untrained and inexperienced mechanic to repair your Laundry Facility to learn on your machines by changing all parts one by one just to see if machine starts to work. Our staff firmly believes that we have experienced any possible repair problem that machine can have. No broken machine can surprise us or leave us clueless when our Technical Support Team has fixed over 10000’s of machines over the past years and yet NO machine left unfixed. They love what they do and strive to get better at that everyday.

BZTech Expert 24 Hour repair OPL Commercial Laundry Equipment

We operate on both a daily and emergency basis providing extensive troubleshooting should the situation occur. These scenarios may include situations where some changes in a building may affect the operation of our equipment. Trouble with water, gas, electric, compressed air or exhaust ducts. Other repair examples include figuring out that a compressor is down, or that an external fan is not operating properly, or fire damper in the exhaust duct is closed, etc.. BZTech  provides timely, reliable service and repair solutions for customers like a Car Wash, Hospital Laundry Rooms, Hotel & Motel washing machines, Uniform Rental Services, Nursing Home laundry, Self Service Resorts Properties, Professional Dry Cleaners, Health Clubs, Out-Patient Centers, Schools and Universities, Golf and Tennis Clubs, Healthcare laundry and more. NYC On Premises Commercial washer, extractor dryer repair BZTech Service OPL NY 24 hr Emergency Repair Service commercial Washing machine or commercial dryer repair in the NYC area.

Commercial Washer, Dryer and Ironer Emergency Weekend Repair

Our technicians service NYC Healthcare Laundries, NYC Hospitality, NYC Industrial Laundries, Hospital laundry equipment, Hotels & Motel laundry equipment, Uniform Rental Services, NYC Nursing Home laundry equipment, laundry equipment at NY Resorts Properties, NYC Professional Dry Cleaners, Assisted Living laundry equipment, Retreat & Meeting Centers, NY Coin-Op Laundries, Out-Patient Centers, Restaurant laundry equipment, NY Government Installations, Casino laundry equipment, Commercial Laundries, NY Correctional Institutions, Linen Rental Companies, NYC Fire Department laundry equipment, Veteran’s Administration, NY County & State Agency laundry equipment, The Military Services, Schools and Universities, NYC Health Club laundry equipment, NY Golf and Tennis Clubs, NY Professional Sports Clubs, Time-Share Properties, NYC Private Industry and more. Call BZTech repair for your OPL On Premises Commercial Laundry Equipment Repairs.

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